I remember the first day I met you, my friend.
Just a cold blistering day,
The sun barely high in the sky.

They had told me about you, my friend.
They had told me of your and talent,
And all the great about you.

When I got out of my car and into the stable,
There you were standing.

You had shavings in your hair,
Your mane an tail matted,
But you were a dream to me.

Somehow, I knew behind your messy appearance,
There was something kind and smart inside,
Something that would make you a great friend.

When I saddled you up and rode you,
You were obedient and amazing.
I loved every moment.

We are,
And still are,
Getting to know each other better.

I don’t know you well, Grace,
But I do know,
That we are and will become extraordinary friends,
Inseparable in every way.

By riding horseback (me)